How to keep your Travel System in perfect condition for years to come?

Buying a quality Travel System is quite an expense, especially for young parents who are on a budget and sometimes feel confused among the abundant range of products of this kind. For a Travel System to be cost-effective and to compensate for its value, it should serve for at least a few seasons, but preferably still be suitable for the next offspring. However, for this to happen, it must be properly maintained, cleaned and stored. Appropriate maintenance is essential to keep the pushchair in good condition for years. It will allow the baby to be transported in the pram for a long period of time without any problems, and when the next baby would be in plans, it may be used again. A well-maintained pushchair could also be sold as a second-hand more easily and quickly and at a better price.

However, let’s not forget that a pushchair used every day, is subject to the influence of weather conditions, mechanical injuries and its parts get worn out and deteriorate. Hence, taking care of the impeccable state of all elements of the pushchair not only improves the aesthetic appearance and increases the future value but above all, ensures the safety of our child. What should we do to enjoy our pushchair for as long as possible? How to ensure the proper visual appearance and condition of this extremely important piece of baby’s equipment? In this article, you will learn everything a responsible and sensible parent should know.

Everything you need to know about frame cleaning and maintenance

The frame is what keeps all other parts of the Travel System in place and ensures the proper functioning of all parts. As we move around with our child in a variety of areas, it tends to accumulate a large amount of dirt and contaminants over time, forcing a certain amount of cleaning.

Changing the frame can also be very expensive. Therefore, it is significant to check its condition and components from time to time. It is crucial to make sure that there are no parts that may need replacing or servicing urgently, to prevent costly repairs or replacements in the future, or worse such as break down during a trip out of town or shopping when the baby sleeps inside the pushchair. Regular maintenance of all frame components is crucial because only the perfect working condition of each part ensures our little one’s safety. The most important part of the frame that needs to be checked, oiled and screwed in regularly are of course, the brakes. At least a few times a year, make sure that they securely lock both wheels.

To clean the frame properly you should:

  • Realise that, all accessories that come into contact with your baby should be cleaned with neutral if possible natural and child-safe detergents.
  • Inspect the frame connections and corners for entrapped dirt and other contaminants such as twigs and leaves.  At the same time, check the frame for any damage, cracks or loose parts.
  • Soak a soft towel in a solution of warm water and child-safe detergent to wipe the frame.
  • Before cleaning, disassemble the frame by removing every accessory which can be removed, such as cup holders, food trays or other types of pockets or containers.
  • Avoid using abrasive materials and strong detergents or solvents that could cause corrosion or discolouration of metal parts as well as damage the frame.

How to clean the fabrics

Non-removable soft fabrics, such as seat pads, can be wiped with a wet cloth dipped in a mild soapy solution, just like the material that comes with the infant car seat. Make sure you leave it to dry outdoors for a while. Sunshades, wind or rain covers can be rinsed in mild, cold soapy water and dried outdoors. If you use a travel bag, the general rule is to clean it more often than the stroller. All parts that, can be removed wash in a washing machine according do the label using child-safe cleaning products.

Some of the most important things to remember and regularly check to be able to enjoy the pushchair for many years:

  1. Always use a rain cover when it rains or snows.
  2. Never store your pushchair in cold or damp conditions. To prevent molding on the pushchair it is important to check that it is completely dry before storing.
  3. Store your pushchair at room temperature.
  4. Rinse your pushchair thoroughly with water to clean and dry it thoroughly after using it near the sea or on salty winter sidewalks.
  5. Never expose your pushchair to direct sunlight for a long time.
  6. Clean all metal parts of the pushchair regularly and thoroughly dry all movable parts. The spokes and wheel rims should be cleaned periodically with a damp cloth and then dried. If the pushchair is used in winter, it should be cleaned at least once a week. Lack of maintenance can cause corrosion.
  7. It is recommended to grease the axles and suspension of the pushchair every three month with silicone spray or car oil.
  8. Make sure that the brake and brake pins work properly and check that the ratchets are well attached.