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Baby pram 3 in 1

All in one – Venicci 3-in-1 pram to meet all customers’ needs

Choosing a baby pram is a serious decision, and today’s parents are focused on functionality and durability. After all, a pram will be used for a long time on family trips, so it needs to work well in any conditions. The 3-in-1 prams often satisfy the needs of expectant parents as it offers a multi-purpose solution.

Baby prams 3-in-1 – comfort, style and durability in one

Child has many needs and demands, even during a simple stroll. This is especially true when you consider the rapid growth they experience in the first few years of life. Their surroundings and equipment should evolve to meet these changing needs, and prams and pushchairs are no exception. The 3-in-1 pram set guarantees safe, comfortable, tailor-made journeys for your little one.

Yes, for journeys, because, unlike 2-in-1 pram, 3-in-1 also includes a car seat for safe and comfortable car rides. And what else?

Products like those in our online shop have:

  • Carrycot,
  • Seat unit,
  • Frame
  • Raincover,
  • Mosquito Net,
  • Backpack/pram bag,
  • Car seats adapters,
  • Isofix base,
  • Changing mat,
  • Footmuff.

Are you interested in learning more about the differences between prams, pushchairs, strollers and buggies? Please have a look at the linked article, where we explain them in detail.

3-in-1 prams – UK’s favourite product

The newborn baby pram 3-in-1 is one of the most popular products among young parents. Especially the active ones who love walking and travelling with their baby. This model of pram gives a lot of freedom and also meets the needs of the baby at different stages of development.

These pram bundles include everything in one, so buying a separate stroller is unnecessary. So, the prams and pushchairs in the 3-in-1 models will be with you for many years and will allow you to walk with a newborn as well as a slightly older child.

It’s important to remember that there are occasions when it may be wise to buy strollers separately. Under what circumstances? It all depends on your family’s lifestyle ! To help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together a guide to buying a pram. Don’t forget to take a look!



Does the car seat meet the required safety standards?

Yes, the car seat provided with the 3-in-1 pram meets the latest safety regulations, ensuring that it is perfectly suitable for your child’s use. This makes it an ideal choice for parents seeking peace of mind while travelling with their little ones.

Can I buy additional accessories for the pram?

Absolutely! Our brand proudly presents an extensive selection of prams and pushchairs and a whole range of accessories to enrich your strolling experience. These include parasols, cup holders, gloves, and spare wheels.

How, where and when to buy a pram?

The best time to buy a pram is around the 5th-6th month of pregnancy, although this is very individual and depends on several factors. We have prepared an article that illustrates this topic well and helps you to determine the best time to shop. See: „When to buy a pram” for more details.

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