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Footmuffs for pram and pushchair


Do you love going for walks, but you worry about the weather? Or maybe have you been caught in the rain or cold wind before during a stroll and would like to make sure that your baby is warm and cosy during an unexpected weather change?

You can still enjoy your daily outdoor activities because our footmuffs for strollers offer warmth and comfort even during the most unpredictable weather. Please take a look at the models available in our collection and choose the one that best suits your needs and style.

Universal Footmuff for Boys and Girls

Universal footmuffs? What does that exactly mean? When designing our pram footmuffs (also known as cosy toes for pram), we asked ourselves this question and realised that “universal” should be about style and comfort.

That is why our footmuffs are available in different designs and colours. Each pram, pushchair and stroller footmuff is dedicated to a specific line (e.g. Venicci footmuff – Tinum 2.0).

Comfort, on the other hand, is defined by universal sizing and a comfortable shape. It may differ slightly from model to model (zips, straps), but one thing remains the same – the ease of putting it on and removing it. That is one of the most important things because not only does it not affect your child’s comfort during the walk, but it also allows you to react quickly if you are surprised by a sudden change in the weather.

So, when the weather is unpredictable, like during rain, cloudy skies, or freezing temperatures, protecting your child from the elements is essential. That’s why it’s a good idea to always have pram footmuffs or pushchair cosy toes, as they provide the best protection against the cold and wet.

Others Pram Accessories for Newborn

Footmuffs for prams are one of the most essential accessories parents reach for, but we know from our experience that the list can be much longer. After all, safe and comfortable walks with your child require attention to detail and good organisation skills. And that is only possible with the right equipment.

But what does the right equipment mean? The answer will be different for every parent, but if you are preparing for the arrival of your first child and you are unsure what to buy, look at what other parents have chosen.

Whether you are looking for pushchair footmuffs or other accessories for a newborn, you can be sure of quality in our online store. Quality that allows you to focus on sharing new experiences with your baby. And that’s what’s most important.



What are the most popular accessories for newborns?

Our experience shows that parents are most interested in:

  • Car seats.
  • Parasol.
  • Pram gloves.
  • Pushchair bag.
  • Other accessories (e.g., changing mat, cup holder).

Is it worth buying smaller accessories such as pram gloves?

Pram gloves or cup holders may seem like simple items which don’t affect everyday comfort, but many parents appreciate these little conveniences the most, which is why they are on our list. So, if you’re thinking about getting footmuffs for a pram, it’s worth looking at the rest of the range to make walking together more comfortable for everyone in the family.

Are footmuffs for pushchairs safe for babies?

Of course, all the footmuffs for prams in our range, like all our products, are manufactured to strict quality standards. This ensures that your little one is comfortable and safe, which is our number one priority.

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