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Parasols for pram and pushchair

Pram parasol – a practical way to protect your baby from the sun

We are used to protecting ourselves and our children from rain, falling snow and other bad weather conditions, but we often forget that intense sun can be equally dangerous to the health and well-being of our kids and can lead to overheating and sunburn. Luckily, a pram umbrella can be a priceless help at such moments!

Why are pram parasols an essential accessory for every parent?

Pushchair umbrellas are probably not the first thing we consider when buying essential equipment for our baby. After all, there is nothing better than strolling in beautiful sunny weather – but such days can be tricky, and exposing children’s delicate skin to intense UV rays can have unpleasant consequences.

Unfortunately, the carrycot hood does not always provide good protection from strong sunlight, so bringing a pushchair sun brolly is a good idea. This lightweight and flexible item can be easily attached to the frame to shade the baby’s lying or sitting area, creating a comfortable environment even on the hottest days.

What’s more, modern parasols (and you’ll find them in our online shop in accessories for prams) have a convenient rotating system that allows you to adjust them to any angle. In this way, you can protect your child wherever the sun is in the sky.

UV pram parasol – traditional solutions with a touch of modernity

Can a simple umbrella replace a sun brolly for pram? The answer to this question depends on several factors, but such a solution is usually impractical. Why?

First of all, pushchair parasols usually have special UV protection layers. Conventional umbrellas may provide some protection from the sun, but they are often less effective in protecting your baby’s delicate skin.

Secondly, traditional umbrellas do not have the appropriate frame attachments, making them difficult to use. Also, conventional umbrellas do not have an adjustable pitch angle, which makes them less effective at protecting against the sun.

And although an ordinary umbrella can temporarily replace a specialist parasol, it does not offer the same level of protection or ease of use, so many parents choose to buy a pushchair sun brolly. And our experience shows it is a purchase that brings great satisfaction in everyday use.



Does a parasol on a pram only protect against the sun?

The pushchair sun parasol is designed to protect your little one from strong sun rays and to provide a shady spot on a warm day. The parasol is also practical when the weather suddenly changes and starts to rain. This is not its primary purpose, but it will provide some protection in such situations.

How to attach a parasol to a frame?

Our parasols can be attached anywhere on the pram frame, giving you great flexibility when it comes to sun protection. What’s more, they are suitable for deep prams, pushchairs, and strollers.

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