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Time for a change – time for a stroller!

Your child is growing fast, and their needs are changing. An example? Prams and pushchairs get replaced by strollers. These ensure safe, comfortable and stylish strolls as soon as your little one is ready to sit independently.

What are strollers?

Strollers are baby carriages that can be used in a sitting or lay down position and are designed for children who have already mastered this difficult skill and can sit up on their own.

Our strollers are designed to provide safety and convenience for your baby. All our models are equipped with multi-point safety harnesses, adjustable backrests and protection from the sun and rain. Your little one can enjoy a pleasant stroll while you can be confident of their absolute well-being.

Add to that terrain-adaptive suspension, perfect riding comfort and solid, puncture-free wheels, and get the perfect travel companion for all situations.

Types of baby carriages – when to choose a stroller?

Pram, pushchair, stroller – there are many different types of baby products, and finding the right one is a priority for many families. After all, the pram/stroller is responsible for your child’s comfort and safety.

Another equally important aspect is distinguishing between the different types of prams. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a short guide showing the main differences. Read it here: „Difference Between Prams, Pushchairs, Strollers, and Buggies”.

Important note: You can buy a pram, pushchair and a stroller separately or opt for combined models (e.g. 2in1 or 3in1). Which option is better? It all depends on your personal requirements, but in our online shop, you will find multifunctional prams, pushchairs, and classic single strollers.

Keep your style while strolling!

Our strollers combine practicality with beautiful design. Lightweight and compact, they are easy to manoeuvre, even with one hand, and their stylish finish is a guarantee of the highest aesthetic standards.

The available colours allow you to personalise the stroller to suit your style. Also, you can take this personalisation a step further by choosing from a whole series of accessories. Cup holders, gloves or pram bags are practical additions and part of creating your own style.

One thing’s for sure – whether it’s a quick shopping trip or a long walk in the park, a stroller from our pushchair and pram store is the perfect companion for every adventure.



When should I start using a stroller?

You can use a stroller at around six months when your baby starts to sit up independently. Our models are designed for children up to 22 kg so that a stroller will last several years.

Are strollers good for all types of terrain?

Thanks to their excellent suspension and solid wheels, our strollers are designed for various terrains. So you can take your baby for a walk in the city and on country roads.

Can strollers be easily transported in the car?

Yes, our strollers are lightweight and easy to fold, so you can take them with you when you travel, even on a plane.

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