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Navigate the World Safely and in Style with Venicci Car Seats

Travelling with a child is the norm these days. This includes not only daily strolls but also shorter or longer car journeys. However, it requires attention to detail to ensure the experience is as comfortable and safe as possible for the child.

Our car seats are the perfect solution, combining practical functionality, comfort and stylish design. They make every journey, even the longest one a pleasure. And the most important thing of all: you get to enjoy every moment with your child.

But how to choose a suitable baby car seat? Browse our collection now!

What Is the Best Choice of a Travel Car Seat for Your Child?

Choosing a car seat for your child can be quite a challenge as there are many things to consider, including:

  • age and weight of the child (many countries have regulations on this),
  • safety standards,
  • installation method,
  • adjustments and fit,
  • safety,
  • isofix base,
  • comfort of travel,
  • size and weight of car seats.

As you can see, the list is quite long, and we haven’t even mentioned aspects such as design and quality. However, we haven’t ignored them in our products because we want car seats in our online shop to meet all the needs of parents and their children – to be safe (standard: ECE-R129), look beautiful and provide comfort while travelling. This makes them the best travel companion for your child.

Regarding safety, the issue of car seat bases cannot be overlooked. Proper installation and use of car bases are crucial for ensuring the safety of infants and young children while travelling in a vehicle. It is essential to follow manufacturer instructions and guidelines to install the car bases securely and to inspect and maintain their condition regularly. One of the best options is Isofix car seat bases, which you will find, for example, in our online shop.

Car Seats I-Size – Safety First

Since July 2013, new legislation requires children up to 15 months old to travel in a rear-facing position. This has increased safety in the car, but it also means that baby car seats must be designed to meet the needs of all children – newborns and slightly older ones.

Our I-Size car seats meet these requirements perfectly, as they suit newborns and slightly older children. Although each model can be fitted seamlessly, we also recommend car bases to simplify the process and increase safety. Secure fastening and easy release ensure effortless mobility, which is essential for more frequent car journeys – even for shorter distances.

Car bases can be purchased separately – make sure they are compatible with your car seat (e.g. Isofix Base). The relevant descriptions can be found in the name of the product and in the product specification.



What should a newborn car seat look like?

When choosing a newborn car seat, it’s important to take into consideration how quickly your child will grow. Our models are suitable for newborn and have a weight limit of 13kg. Newborn inserts and adjustable harness allow you to adapt the seat to your child’s needs so you can use our products for as long as possible.

Is it necessary to buy a car seat separately?

Our country’s legislation requires all parents to buy and use a car seat when travelling with their child by car. That is why our collection has a dedicated car seat category, however you can also purchase a full 3in1 pram bundle which apart from the pram comes with a car seat or 3in1 + Base bundle which additionally to car seat also includes a compatible isofix base.

What is group 0, 1, 2, 3 car seats?

The classification of car seats is based on the child’s weight. Group 0 car seats are designed for younger babies and toddlers, supporting their delicate bodies. Group 1 are suitable for babies weighing 9-18 kg, offering a secure and comfortable fit as they grow. Moving on to Group 2, these car seats are tailored for children weighing 15-25 kg. Lastly, Group 3 is intended for older children weighing 22-36 kg, ensuring that kids are safely secured while travelling.

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