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Car seat adapters

What are car seat adapters?

Car seat attachments are an inconspicuous accessory, yet well worth having in your home, as they make it possible to attach a child car seat to the frame of a pram or pushchair. How does this work? Special attachments enable replacing a traditional carrycot with a car seat.

Safety, comfort, and practicality are the most important criteria for parents when buying new baby products. And the car seat adapters more than fulfil all these qualities.

The key benefit, of course, is comfort, as such an inconspicuous addition can significantly improve the everyday convenience of travelling with a baby or toddler. How? Consider this example: if your child falls asleep during the car journey, you can easily carry them in the car seat and continue your trip (e.g., go for a walk). Simply remove the car seat and attach it to the pram.

What about practicality and safety? The adapters are designed to provide a robust and secure connection between the car seat and pushchair. They are also easy to fit, making the whole process quick and efficient – after all, every minute can be precious for busy parents.

How to select a car seat to pram adapter?

There are many car seat connectors on the market, and we have several in our own collection as well. How do you choose the right one?

There are several essential aspects to consider when choosing the right car seat adapter. Here they are!

  • Compatibility with car seat and pram – the most important thing is to ensure that the adaptor is compatible with both the car seat model and the pram you have (see our product descriptions for information on which models the adaptor fits).
  • Ease of use – choose adapters that are easy to attach and remove. This is especially important if you need to transfer the seat quickly from the car to the pushchair and vice versa.
  • Durability – choose adapters from reputable brands, which will ensure better durability of materials and, therefore, a more long-lasting product.

Remember, choosing the right adaptor is an investment in your child’s safety and comfort, so it’s worth considering. We did, so you will find high-quality adapters in our range that work both on the car journey and in everyday use.



How can I check if the infant car seat adapter is compatible with my car seat and pushchair?

Check the compatible models the car seat or pushchair manufacturer provides and see if this model is listed in our product description.

Can I attach the car seat converter on my own?

Yes, the adapters are designed to be easy to fit without the help of a specialist. However, always follow the instructions to make sure everything goes well.

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