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Newborn Inserts

Adjust the seat to the age of the child – car seat insert for infant

Babies and toddlers must travel in a car seat, which not only enhances their safety but also ensures a more comfortable journey. It is a legal requirement in the UK for newborns to be in the car seat while travelling by car. However, sometimes, especially with the youngest ones, the seat may be a little too big.

The optimal solution for this issue is the newborn car seat insert.

Comfort, safety and travel ergonomics – car seat insert for newborns

Typically, car seats are adjusted for the height of the child. However, sometimes babies are too small (under 60 centimetres) to travel comfortably in such a seat. This is where newborn inserts come in, providing extra support, safety, and comfort during the car ride.

These inserts have been expertly made to support your baby’s delicate head, neck, and entire body, guaranteeing a stable and secure position. Moreover, they are also made from soft materials, which is essential for longer journeys. By prioritising your child’s well-being, these inserts offer peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

Hence, they are absolutely crucial, particularly during the first few weeks of an infant’s life.

Car seat with newborn insert – bought together or separately?

Some modern car seats include extra inserts for newborns. However, it’s important to note that not every model has them as standard. Moreover, the newborn infant car seat inserts are often missing when purchasing second-hand products or inheriting older models from siblings or relatives.

In this case, consider purchasing a newborn car seat insert independently, especially as most products are compatible with different car seat models. For instance, our inserts have standard belt holes that maintain compatibility across various products.

When picking a newborn insert, it’s essential to consider the materials used in its production. Ideally, it should be soft to the touch to ensure your baby’s comfort and ergonomically designed to provide the necessary support. Ease of cleaning is also important. Look for products that are easy to wipe off or machine washable, making it simpler to maintain hygiene and convenience.



Do I need to buy an infant insert?

A newborn insert can benefit small or premature babies, needing extra support to travel safely in their car seats. It supports correct posture and is recommended until the child reaches the standard seat size. In practice, this often means the child is over 60 centimetres tall.

What other car seat accessories are available?

Infant inserts are the most commonly purchased car seat accessories. However, some people also include car seat adapters and car seat bases in this group. And you can find them in our online shop too.

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