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Pram gloves

Pram gloves

Sometimes, the little things have the most significant impact on the comfort of everyday life. These are the small details we often miss and don’t even think about, but they can become essential once we give them a chance. And pram mittens, so appreciated by many parents, fit the picture perfectly.

Why? The answer is simple – because of comfort. Not just in the literal sense of keeping your hands warm in the cold or rain, but also in terms of your wear comfort.

What are pushchair gloves?

Pushchair mittens (also known as hand mitts for pram) are, as the name already suggests, pram gloves. But how do they differ from the ordinary gloves you can buy in any clothes shop? In the shape and the way they are attached to the frame of the pram.

Yes, attached, because the mittens for pram can be fitted directly to the frame, so you don’t have to bother with them every time you want to check your baby’s clothes, pick up the phone or say hello to another walker. On the contrary, the high-quality clip and universal size (suitable for both men’s and women’s hands) allow you to put the mittens on and take them off quickly.

An additional bonus is that the attached pram mittens won’t get lost, even on the busiest of days!

Other pram accessories for newborns

Pram gloves are just one example of the practical accessories you can find in our online shop. We have expanded our collection to provide products that will be useful every day, especially when you are walking with your baby.

Please, check out our other pram accessories for newborn, including:

The broad product line and diverse design allow you to find the perfect model for your needs! Are you looking for other accessories? Here, you can find items for all occasions. We have created a series of products to simplify caring for your child when you are outside, but also to help you manage your daily tasks more efficiently.

With us, your everyday mini-trips with the baby will be an absolute pleasure. And that is the most important point!



How to keep warm when walking in autumn and winter?

When you take your child for a walk in autumn or winter, you will do your best to keep them warm and comfortable. But don’t forget your own comfort, because these daily walks should be fun for you too!

Hands suffer the most in poor weather, and many parents give up on gloves because of the inconvenience of putting them on and taking them off. Our universal gloves (pram/pushchair – for different models) solve this problem and make outdoor activities great again.

How to choose a model of gloves for my pram?

Our gloves are universal and will fit almost any pram frame – both those in our online shop and most on the market. Their design and colour are also versatile, so you can easily match them to your aesthetic requirements.

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