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Car seat bases

Car bases – how to transport a child safely in a car?

Sooner or later, every parent will be faced with the task of driving with their child, and the first time may be after leaving the hospital. But how can you be sure that every single one of these journeys will be safe and comfortable for your little one? The answer is a car base, a special product that attaches to the car seat.

What are car bases and their types?

Car seat bases are specialised equipment installed in a car’s seat, providing a stable platform for the easy and safe installation and removal of baby seats. Different types of car bases offer varying features for enhanced safety and convenience.

One of the most popular types is the Isofix Base. This base utilises the widely-used Isofix fastening system, making it compatible with a broad range of car seats.

Additionally, some bases feature height adjustment or allow the seat to rotate. This is particularly useful as it enables the angle or height of the seat attachment to be altered, increasing comfort especially in cars where space is limited. It also allows the child seat to be more securely fitted into the car seat.

Does every car seat need a base?

No, car seats can also be secured directly with car belts. So why is it worth investing in a base? There are many answers, the most important of which is ‘safety’.

Car seat bases increase safety by providing a more stable and secure attachment to the car seat. By using a base, the risk of a seat installation failure is often minimised, which is crucial as even a small mistake in fitting can significantly reduce the child’s level of protection in the event of a crash or sudden braking.

Another critical factor for many parents is convenience – the base makes it quick and easy to attach and remove the child seat. This is particularly useful if you frequently move the seat between cars or if your child is asleep and you do not want to wake them.

For those seeking even more flexibility when travelling with a child, car seat adapters are another useful product. They enhance your travel options, offering additional mobility.

If you are interested in purchasing an Isofix car seat base or other baby products (e.g., I-size car seats), you will find a wide range in our online store. Browse our assortment and enjoy high-quality children’s products by Venicci.



Are car seat bases universal?

No, bases are usually designed for specific car seat models, so we recommend reading the product description in detail on the product card. In our online store, you will find information on which car seats a particular base is compatible with.

How can I check that the base is correctly attached?

Most bases have some indicator to show that they are correctly fitted – this can be a green light or a sound signal.

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