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Pram bumper bars

Enhancing Safety and Comfort: The Benefits of Bumper Bars

Pram bumper bars are a useful small accessory that can completely change the usefulness of a pram or pushchair.

And although not all of the models are equipped with it, many parents buy them as an additional feature because the benefits are indisputable.

So, what exactly are bumper bars? They provide extra protection for your baby, making your pram safer in the case of sudden bumps or when strolling over uneven surface. Bumper bars also make travelling more comfortable as they give your child something to hold on to while walking.

Is it worth buying bumper bars?

Bumper bars fall into the category of optional accessories for prams and pushchairs, and not all models are equipped with them. What’s more, some of them do not even have the option of adding a bumper bar, but this is becoming increasingly rare. No wonder, as this small accessory is highly appreciated for its functionality.

First of all, it protects the child from slipping out if there is a sudden impact or if the pram rolls over. Of course, these situations do not happen too often, but when they do, it is an extra protective feature that can be extremely valuable in such a case. It works as a barrier that reduces the child’s risk of falling or moving out of the seat, especially when the harness is slightly loose or not fastened.

Secondly, the bumper bars also act as a handhold for the child to hold on to during the stroll. This increases the baby’s sense of security and helps develop their coordination and mobility. Moreover, parents can hang a few toys on the bars to keep bored toddlers entertained during the journey.

And thirdly, the bumper bars are easy to fit and remove, so you can use them only if you think you need to – for example, when you go for a long walk. Most importantly, they are aesthetically designed, so even when fitted permanently, they look good and complete the appearance of the pram.

And if you want to make this experience even more of your style, check out the rest of the pram accessories we have in our product collection. For example, you can find pram parasols and pram gloves to protect you and your baby from bad weather while strolling.



Do the bumper bars fit on every model of pram?

Our bumper bars fit the models available in our assortment of prams. Please carefully check the model of your baby pram before purchasing to ensure that the product meets your requirements.

Are bumper bars safe for children?

Yes, bumper bars are designed to ensure the safety of children. However, to ensure maximum protection during use, make sure it is fitted correctly and check its condition regularly.

Can I fit bumper bars to my pram myself?

Yes, installing and removing the products is very simple and does not require specialist assistance. However, we recommend reading the instruction manual supplied with the product to ensure that the process is completed correctly.

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