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Nursery chests of drawers

Nursery chests – what do you need in a child’s room?

Furnishing a baby’s room is an essential stage in preparing to welcome a new family member into the world. All parents want their babies’ personal space to be comfortable and safe, but there are also practical aspects to consider. After all, all the baby products, clothes, toys and healthcare products need to be stored somewhere. And what could be better than a chest of drawers for a newborn?

Nursery chest of drawers with extra features

A baby’s room changes over time, and these changes happen very quickly – especially in the first months and years of a child’s life when rapid growth and learning of new things happen every day. The bedroom and furnishings should reflect the child’s and parents’ new needs and requirements.

Our newborn chest of drawers is more than just a practical piece of furniture for the baby’s room – it is also a functional accessory with a removable changing table. However, these are not all its conveniences: we have also ensured that the above-mentioned changing table is placed at an ergonomic height so that dressing the baby is not too hard on the parents’ backs. What’s more, the deep and spacious drawers move very quietly, so you don’t have to worry about a loud noise disturbing your child’s sleep.

And last but not least, universality. Every year brings changes in interior design trends, but in our collection, we have opted for universality – classic colours, simple and minimalist shapes and timeless design. This ensures that your child’s furniture will still look good after many years of use.
More than just a chest of drawers – furnish your child’s room with us!

What should be in a children’s room? The answers to this question may

vary, but there is definitely space for a cot, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. And that’s precisely what our sets provide. Moreover, buying in sets saves you money and helps you keep a stylistically consistent interior.

However, whether you choose a furniture set or just one piece, you can be sure of high quality. All products are designed to be comfortable, durable and attractive to the eye. Create a beautiful and safe child room with us – see our full collection of baby furniture here.



How to choose furniture for a baby's room?

The baby furniture should be safe (no small parts, solid), functional and age-appropriate. It is a good idea to choose furniture that “grows” with the child so it can last longer.

Can I buy children's furniture separately?

Of course, in our online shop, we have created an offer where you can buy sets of furniture (e.g. a cot, a newborn dresser and a nursery wardrobe), but you can also choose just one of the items you need. Our offer is flexible to meet our customers’ different expectations and needs and allows you to customise your baby’s room as you wish.

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