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Cot Beds

Sweet dream in perfect cot beds

Sleep is essential for a child’s development, especially in the very first years. To ensure that it is healthy, comfortable and safe, it is important to provide a suitable environment but first and foremost a suitable cot bed. And with our product collection, you can make this happen easily!

Baby Cots Designed for Peaceful Nights

Our mission was to create products to help children sleep healthy and restful without compromising aesthetics. To achieve this, we have chosen design standards that suit any interior. These classic furniture pieces fit modern, minimalist styles and more traditional homes.

So what have we got here? High-quality materials, extra protection against mechanical damage, safe edges, and a spacious yet cosy space. And all of this is available in a wide choice of colours because aesthetics are just as important as functionality.

However, we all know that children grow quickly, so what can you do when the baby crib is too small after a few months? You can easily convert our product into a toddler bed lasting several years! Ensure your little one’s comfort and safety with a versatile baby cot bed, designed to adapt as they grow. Moreover – a one-time expense like this is a relief for your wallet!

Explore Our Range of Baby Cot Beds and Other Products

While many of us think of cots when we imagine a nursery, other essential pieces of furniture need to be added to a baby’s room. What are these? The long list of necessary products begins with:

Depending on your family’s needs and available space, you can choose a set or individual pieces. One thing is for sure – your collection of clothes, toys and baby care products will grow quickly, and storage space will be at a premium.

Once again, this furniture will grow with your little one and look good for many years thanks to its various colours and shapes.

Are you ready to create the nursery of your dreams? Take a look at our baby room furniture and make a place that delights from the very first moment.



Do I need to buy a cot mattress separately?

In our online shop, you can buy a baby cot together with a mattress available in three styles:

  • Eco Fibre Mattress,
  • Luxury Spring Mattress,
  • Premium Pocket Spring Mattress.

If you already have a mattress or plan to buy one elsewhere, you can choose the „no mattress” option when you purchase.

How long can the child use the baby cot?

Our beds are available in lengths up to 147 centimeters and have three different height settings, making them suitable for use from your baby’s first moments at home until they are 4-5 years old. And the high-quality materials guarantee that the bed will look good all these years!

Are these baby cots suitable for small spaces?

Yes, our compact baby cots are designed for small spaces and offer comfort and safety for your child.

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