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As a new parent, you will undoubtedly wish for your baby’s every experience to be pleasant. Soft clothes, safe toys and a comfortable pushchair are essential, but the furnishings in their room are equally important. And although you probably think of a baby bed when you imagine a nursery, comfort is actually determined by what’s inside that bed – the mattress.

From Naptime to Nighttime – Cot Bed Mattresses for All Stages of Sleep

A baby sleeps from a few to up to twenty hours a day, so providing a comfortable and safe sleeping environment is vital. Although this is influenced by factors such as the type of cot, the mattress is also extremely important.

In our online shop, you can find a cot bed with a mattress, but you can also buy a mattress separately in one of the three available types:

  • Eco Fibre Mattress,
  • Luxury Spring Mattress,
  • Premium Pocket Spring Mattress.

What are the differences? Let us explain!

  • Eco Fibre Mattress – it is a simple version that is hypoallergenic and can be used daily.
  • Luxury Spring Mattress – the deluxe version of the previous type, in which 114 springs adapt to the sleeper’s weight, resulting in greater comfort.
  • Premium Pocket Spring Mattress – this mattress has all the previous products’ advantages, but each has been given an extra feature. It is a guarantee of a good night’s sleep.

Each of these products is easy to clean and maintains ideal hygienic conditions. Not sure which mattress to choose? All are safe for your child, but models 2 and 3 offer more sleeping convenience.

The Safest Choice in Crib Mattresses

Are you wondering how to choose the best mattress for your baby’s cot to ensure that it is a safe choice and a solution that will last for many years? This is more than a reasonable question, especially as mattresses must be replaced if they are visibly worn/damaged or if more than one toddler has used them, as it can affect their structure and hygiene.

We asked ourselves the same question and found a solution! We selected high-quality materials that are easy to clean, standard sizes that are suitable for older children and have special protectors that can be removed and washed. So, if you are looking for a safe and well-tested option, take a look at what we have to offer!



How much does a cot mattress cost?

In our online shop, we have three models of mattress that differ not only in features and specifications but also in price. This allows you to choose a model that fits your family budget the best. Prices range from a couple of dozen pounds to over £100 per mattress – see the product card for more details.

Can I buy the mattress separately and use it in the baby cot I already have?

Yes, our mattresses can be purchased separately, and their standard size allows them to be used with other cot brands. However, we recommend you check the measurements first to ensure the product fits perfectly.

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