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Nursery furniture sets

Nursery furniture sets

The time of waiting for your child’s birth is a joyful time, but it is also a period of intense planning. You need to make a layette for your little one, prepare your home for the changes, and furnish your baby’s room. And although these nine months (and often much less in reality) may seem like a long time, time passes very quickly.

That is why places like our online shop, where you can find the most essential products – from pushchairs to baby furniture sets – are so valuable, especially for those who appreciate style and quality. With us, you get both in one package.

However, we wanted our product selection to satisfy parents looking for a complete nursery set and those wishing to furnish the baby room with a single piece of equipment. Here, you can buy a newborn bedroom set, but you can also purchase baby beds, nursery cupboards, chests, and cot bed mattresses separately.

And all of this is in a universal design that will complement the style of your home.

Nursery furniture sets – what do they include?

A little one has many different needs, and everyday items have to be kept somewhere. Then there is also the sleeping area – preferably as comfortable and safe as possible, as the child spends several hours a day there – along with other essential accessories.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the details and end up with impractical solutions. Especially if you are furnishing your baby’s room for the first time and don’t know exactly what will work best.

Our online shop will help you make your choice. We have a complete offer for a 3-piece nursery set, which includes a cot bed (with optional mattress choice), chest of drawers and wardrobe, but we also offer the option of buying any of these items separately.

In addition, our baby room furniture is available in classic and versatile colours, making it easy to match with other bedroom furnishings, if you already have them. You can choose between two classic style versions of our newborn bedroom set: Saluzzo, a touch of Scandinavian style, and Forenzo in a more traditional climate.



What does a 3 piece nursery furniture set include?

Our nursery sets include the most essential baby room furnishings suitable for all children: nursery chests, a wardrobe and a cot. Importantly, you can buy single pieces or a full nursery set, as well as choose the colour of your furniture from various available tones.

How long can the baby cot be used?

Standard cots are typically used until the child is a year or two old, but our models adapt as your child grows. You can not only adjust the height of the base, but you can also convert the cot into a toddler bed suitable for a young child (up to 4 years old). The wardrobe and chest of drawers are even more practical and can be used for many more years!

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