Empire Raincover


Product compatible with: Empire

The trust placed in us by parents is a special honour for us.

Modern and safe technical solutions, attention to detail are the hallmarks of Venicci, which has received numerous European awards and certificates.

Raincover for the pram

Raincover for the Empire prams – now you do not have to give up walking on a cloudy day. The foil is waterproof (effectively protects the child and the pram from getting wet). Raincover after folding takes up little space, so you can always have it with you (it can easily fit in the care bag or in the shopping basket).

Elegant details

Finished with an elegant black trimming.


The raincover is equipped with a special hole that allows easy and convenient access to the child and also provides air access.

Resistant to weather conditions

Waterproof material protects the child and the pram from getting wet.