Luxury Spring Mattress

It has the features of the “Venicci Freshtec” mattress but is even more comfortable and durable. Inner Bonell springs (114 coils) adjust to the weight of the user. They always create a comfortable and consistent surface for small as well as larger children, taking care of their spines. Mattress made in…


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The trust placed in us by parents is a special honour for us.

Modern and safe technical solutions, attention to detail are the hallmarks of Venicci, which has received numerous European awards and certificates.


  • Eco Fibre never discolors & is totally odourfree
  • Perfect Airflow helps the mattress breath, which in turn creates less bacteria growth
  • Open Coil Bonnel linner springs make a versatile and a highly resilient sleep surface
  • Spring Mattress has an improved Longevity & durability compared to the Fibre mattress
  • Quilted Removable Padded Hypoallergenic & washable cover (60 Degrees )
  • Spring Lock Zip to make the mattress compliant with the standard BS EN 16890
  • Cot Bed Spring Coil count –114 Interlinked Coils

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