When Can Newborns Go Outside? A Guide for New Parents

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Posted on March 11, 2024

Your newborn baby is beginning to explore the world. The first days and nights, meeting family members, bathing, and slowly establishing a routine at the home. New parents ask themselves many questions, including when to take the baby out for its first walk. What is the answer? Let's find out!


Safe Explorations Begin: When Can A Newborn Go Outside?

It is always heartwarming to see parents walking with their children. After all, strolling with a toddler is a relaxing time and an opportunity to explore the world together. However, it would help if you prepared well for your first time outdoors so that you can enjoy it to the full.

A lot depends on the time of year because there’s no doubt that some seasons seem better than others. But is this true? The bright sun and high summer temperatures can be just as challenging as the cold of winter. Luckily, with a bit of knowledge and preparation, you can enjoy a walk, whatever the season!

We explained more about this in the article: „First Walk with Your Newborn” where you will find a detailed walking plan for each season! So, it’s definitely a helpful guide to read before your first walk with your baby!

What else matters in deciding when a newborn can go outside?

When Can Newborns Go Outside? A Guide for New Parents

Safely Introducing Your Newborn to the Outdoors

A newborn baby is still building up its immunity, so it needs help. Again, much depends on the time of year and the baby’s health. If they are premature or have had minor illnesses, it is worth consulting a doctor about the timing of their first walk.

If your baby is healthy and developing perfectly, the time from birth to first stroll can be between a few days to one month. Why does this vary so much? First and foremost, it depends on the season of the year.

The first short walk can be taken a few days after birth if the weather is nice and warm (late spring to early autumn). However, if the conditions are not good, it is worth waiting.

There’s no rush – remember, it’s better to decide a few days later than too early. Have you decided to take your baby outside? The best time is when your child will be calmer after feedings and nappy changes.

When Can Newborns Go Outside? A Guide for New Parents

Ensuring Your Newborn's Comfort for Outdoor Adventures

Another critical factor is to adapt your baby’s clothes to the outside conditions, and the best way to do this is to dress in layers. Even in summer, when the weather is warmer outside, it may suddenly become cloudy, and the temperature can drop slightly. In this case, having a blanket, an extra sweatshirt, or even a hat for the little one is a good idea.

The question is, where to put all the essentials – not only the extra clothes but also the wet wipes, the bottle and the blanket? Your pram or pushchair should have a space under the carrycot to store the bag with all the necessary items.

And while we’re talking about prams and pushchairs, they can help to make the first walk with your baby a little easier. A parasol, rain cover, mosquito net, footmuff and even an extra pair of gloves – a nice gesture to parents – are all accessories worth stocking up on.

Important note – regardless of the season, the first walk should not be long. Just a fifteen-minute stroll around the house is enough to introduce your baby to a new environment slowly. As time passes, you can increase the length of the walk with your baby.

Summary: When Can Newborns Go Outside?

When a newborn can go outside depends on many factors, mainly the season and the baby’s health. This will most likely vary from a few days (in warmer seasons) to a month (in cold seasons). However, if your baby has had any health problems, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about the timing of the first walk.

It is worth preparing well in advance to ensure this stroll will be a pleasure for everyone involved – the child and the parents. Pack all the necessary changing clothes, wipes, a blanket, and accessories for the season, such as a parasol or raincover.