3-in-1 pram – a triple benefit? The advantages of multi-purpose prams

You set up a layette for your little baby and a pram appears at the beginning of the list. It definitely has to be on your equipment. At the beginning it is a carrycot in which your baby lies flat, which is the best position for him/her for the first weeks. You also need a carrier, a car seat that can be mounted on the frame of the pram. It will certainly come in handy when a mother and her child leave the hospital and then travel by car. After about six months, the little child is already sitting, and the carrycot is already too small. Then the carrycot is replaced by a pushchair. You can buy a new one or you can decide on a 3-in-1 solution at the beginning.

3-in-1 pram, i.e. multi-pieces bundle

Some people buy a pram very early before birth, others wait until the last days, analysing and checking very carefully many attractive offers. It is important to clarify your expectations and to analyse your habits carefully before buying. Not without significance is also the season of the year when the baby is born. In winter walks are shorter and less frequent, while in summer they take place from the very first days of life. Most parents choose a 3-in-1 pram or at least 2-in-1. Of course, there are those who are not the biggest supporters of pushchairs and choose other options. A 3-in-1 pram is a combination of three functions, all of which you will probably need during the first three years of your child’s life. It is a single-frame pram, on which we can mount as many as 3 different pieces depending on your child’s current needs, age, length of walk and circumstances. The bundle includes a carrycot, a deep pram for the youngest and smallest babies. At the beginning they lie flat in it. Some carrycots have a function of adjusting the height of the upper part and the toddler can be placed in a delicate semi-reclining position or his/her head can be slightly raised. The toddler grows up and stops fitting into the carrycot. He/she is also becoming more and more fascinated by the world, which makes lying down position not the most comfortable for him/her. Then we replace the carrycot with a pushchair. This is the second element of the set. It can be mounted forwards or backwards. For the first weeks and months it is worth keeping an eye on your child, having eye contact with him/her, talking to him/her, talking about what surrounds him/her. That’s why we first install the pushchair backwards and then forwards. We can also do it interchangeably.

The last element is the carrier, i.e. the car seat. It is rather difficult for motorists to resign from it. It is already necessary while mum is leaving the hospital with a toddler, when the best way to get home is by car. Then there are the first trips out of town and to the family, as well as to a shop, shopping mall or simply to other places further away from home. The carrier can also be attached to the pram frame and treated as an alternative to the carrycot. However, we have to remember that in the first weeks you shouldn’t carry your toddler for such a long time because he/she doesn’t take the best flat position for himself/herself. A short walk in the car seat is however not a bad alternative.

3-in-1 prams are a combination of as many as three solutions for the child, which parents will probably have to buy and use. Multifunctionality in this case has many advantages which will be appreciated by mum and dad, but also by the child.

Single purchase, money saving

The pram is one of the most expensive purchases from the layette list, if not the most expensive. 3-in-1 prams seem to be more expensive than just the carrycot that we need at the beginning. However, when we count the costs of the carrycot, car seat and pushchair, we can see that a multifunctional pram will cost us even 2-3 times less, although the initial cost may be slightly higher. It is a solution that will be useful to you for at least 2-3 years, i.e. for the whole period when the baby still rides in a pram. Afterwards, he/she usually doesn’t need it anymore, and even on longer walks, he/she can do well. However, it is important that the choice of the pram is motivated by the aspects of carrycot, pushchair and car seat. We do not focus on just one element, but check all three. Otherwise, you may find that the pushchair does not fulfil its function or the car seat is not light and comfortable enough to use.

Compatibility of all elements. Use without additional adapters

This is one of the most important issues that parents sometimes notice too late. Especially with the first child, we want him/her to have everything, and even more, than he/she actually needs. We pay attention to the appearance of the pram, without checking whether it is functional and will actually meet our expectations. In addition, we are enchanted by the latest model of a car seat from a different company than we chose. This causes problems when trying to mount the carrier on the frame of the pram, this is simply impossible without special adapters. The same will happen when we later decide to buy a pushchair that does not necessarily fit into our frame. With 3-in-1 prams, we make sure that all the pieces fit together perfectly. This is how the pram is designed to be easy, convenient and comfortable to use. It is supposed to make motherhood easier for parents, not to generate stress, problems and additional costs. On the frame we can easily mount first the carrycot, in the meantime the car seat and then the pushchair. We do not need adapters or any tools for this. Everything is done in the Easy-Click system.

Child safety

For parents, the safety of their child should be a priority and the most important factor when choosing a pram. Pay attention to the differences in the construction of multi-purpose prams and single function prams, mainly for walking. The latter often have a less robust construction and are not necessarily stable. This is due to the fact that the pram is adapted to the age of the child and the different behaviour of the parents. A child in a pushchair is often already able to walk and changes positions easily, at least some manufacturers assume this. In fact, the beginnings in a pushchair are around 6 months, or sometimes even earlier. The toddler can of course already sit, but the position is still not stable enough and needs proper support. Moreover, with the pushchair we go for walks on the pavement and on paved roads, but sometimes we go to the forest, sometimes to the beach, and at other times we may be surprised by a muddy path. Multifunction prams are characterised by their very stable frames. Their frame is built to hold both the carrycot and the pushchair. Moreover, manufacturers are aware that this is a pram that will serve parents and a child for the next 3 years, not just for a few months. This is very important because we are sure that the pram can cope not only with urban conditions but also with much more difficult ones and will ensure that the toddler will travel safely at every stage of its growth.

Easy and convenient storage

Although the whole bundle requires a little more space than a single pram, it is far less than, for example, a carrycot pram and a pushchair separately. Usually when we buy a second pram we don’t get rid of the first one yet, we may still use it or have plans to sell it, but not necessarily at this point. There are also plans to leave the pram for a second child. So it turns out that we have two prams with two frames, which occupy a lot of space. Happy those who have a large basement, attic or garage. However, those who store both prams in the flat must be creative and patient.

In the case of a multifunctional pram, the frame is used for the whole period when the child still rides in the pram. Therefore, we only need to store individual pieces, which are best protected with foil in order to avoid dust and possibly other dirt. Both the carrycot and the pushchair will successfully fit into more than one wardrobe, under the bed in the bedroom or on a shelf in the utility room.

Key aspects. What is important when choosing a multi-purpose pram?

Once you have decided on a 3-in-1 pram and know that this is the best solution for you, you must choose the right model. We know that this is a purchase for a few years and we pay more attention to details. We start with the main construction, the frame. Let it be solid and stable, made of metal but of relatively small weight, that is aluminium. This is important because it will be folding and unfolding, as well as moving to different places, e.g. to a car. Moreover, the lighter the structure, the easier it is to move. Another point is the folding and unfolding of the frame. We should be able to do this without any additional tools and without the great strength of our own hands. When folded, the pram must not take up too much space to fit in the boot of a car, for example. Equally important are the wheels, which have an anti-slip surface and the 360° rotation function (applies to the front wheels). This makes it easier for the pram to move and change direction. The toddler will feel less unpleasant vibrations when travelling on uneven surfaces if the pram has a shock absorption system.

The carrycot in the set must be comfortable and large so that it does not stop being used for the baby after the first weeks. It is perfect if it has a raised headrest, which allows us to get the child used to the semi-lying position earlier. The carrycot should have a deep canopy with ventilation panels. The whole thing should be made of waterproof materials and contain UV 50+ filter. As far as the pushchair is concerned, it should be possible to mount it forwards and backwards, and it should be equipped with 5-point safety belts.

The 3-in-1 pram is not only a triple benefit, but also a lot of positive aspects relating to safety, comfort, convenience and economy. If you still have doubts, check out the VENICCI multifunctional pram range and see how much one pram can offer you and your child.