What should you pay attention to when choosing the ideal pushchair for both: city and the travel?

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Posted on September 4, 2022

Our needs and requirements for pushchairs vary greatly depending on where and how we plan to use them. We will need completely different features during our daily walks with a toddler in a crowded, large city, and others during a trip outside the city or a holiday abroad. There are a number of features and functions that should be taken into account when choosing a pram for different occasions. Are you not sure what to pay attention to when choosing a pushchair that will work well when visiting a relatives house in the countryside and with a pushchair in which you will be using for your child on a daily basis? Don’t worry in this article, we have included all the information you need on this subject.


What should be taken into consideration when purchasing a pushchair?

Choosing the right pushchair depends on many different factors. What works for one family may not be right for another for many reasons, including costs, lifestyle and size. It’s essential to think about all these things before deciding which pushchair is suitable for you.

  1. Lifestyle: This is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding what kind of pushchair to purchase. If you are an urban family that will use the pushchair all day long or a suburban family that will need it mainly for walks in the area and trips to the countryside, your needs will differ significantly. How much space do you have in your house or apartment to store it? Will you use it on public transport or mainly travel with it by car?  Answers to aforementioned questions could impact the type of product you should purchase. Your pushchair should meet the requirements of your lifestyle, so think carefully about it before deciding what kind would suit you the best.
  2. Size and weight: Before buying, be sure to check the size of your pushchair before and after folding. It is an essential consideration because of its later storage and mobility. When planning to travel with it, also make sure it is as compact and light as possible. Remember that these seemingly simple accessories can be tricky to handle, so keep it in mind before buying and choose the model which is easy to fold and unfold.
  3. Safety: Your pushchair should have all the safety certificates. Its composition and materials used should adapt to your child’s body structure according to their age.
  4. Cost: First-time parents are often shocked at how much pushchairs cost. If you have a budget to spend more, the higher-priced pushchairs will often have many more features that can make life easier, and more comfortable for both parents and child. Such can include better suspension systems and easier manoeuvrability, higher quality fabrics and a variety of colors as well as modular seats. But don’t stress your budget too much, while high-end pushchairs can cost a thousand pounds or more, it’s also possible to get a pushchair that meets your needs for much less.

The most important aspects of a pushchair:

  • Weight – the weight of a pushchair which we plan to take with us on a holiday or the one which we challenge to push on country roads and forest trails should be as low as possible. It will be comfortable for us as parents and increase the mobility of the product.
  • Wheels – the wheels of the pushchair, which we want to push also outside the city should be properly prepared for this purpose. Their spacing should be sufficiently wide, the wheels should be massive and made of durable material adapted to move on different terrain. When choosing a pushchair, ask a member of staff, if the wheels are suitable for push on gravel surfaces or forest roads.
  • Size – when folded, the pushchair should be of the smallest possible size.
  • Assembling – make sure that the pushchair folds as easily and quickly as possible. It is not worth choosing a model that requires additional accessories to be assembled.
  • Manoeuvrability – the ease to manoeuvre the pushchair, especially on suburban trails, is extremely important because it ensures the safety of the child and makes even the longest walk comfortable for parent.

The most important aspects of an urban stroller:

  • The number of functions – multi-function pushchairs can have two, three or four functions. 2in1 models only have a carrycot and seat unit while 3in1 types also come with car seat. 4in1 sets come with isofix base. Isofix base is to be installed inside a car and makes fitting and removing the car seat a lot easier.
  • Maneuverability – the ease to maneuver the pushchair especially on public transport of a large city, is extremely important because it ensures the safety of the child and makes even the longest walk comfortable for parent.
  • Material – it is worth to make sure that the material used to produce a pushchair is of the highest quality. It will ensure its durability.