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Posted on September 16, 2022

Over 11 years of experience and hundreds of sold prams.. each day Venicci grows in strength. Brand’s dynamic development caught the eye of a number of influencers, who chose Venicci for their babies. What are their impressions? We have asked one of them for their honest opinion.


Choosing the right pram can be challenging for expectant parents. The variety of products available  on the market does not make the choice any easier. The most important aspect we take into consideration is safety, but we also look at functionalities as well as the design. Babies’ correct development and comfort is a priority.  This is why before we make the final decision, we need plenty of  time. 

At Venicci, we implement solutions, which make parenthood easier. High quality fabrics, lightweight and compact construction as well as easy fold are only some of the features we take into account during the design process. 

The best way to prove our words is a recommendation from one of Venicci users. Emma has a Venicci Travel System and we have asked her a few questions to find out more about her experience with her pram. 

How would you rate the mobility of the pram – folding, carrying?

As a first time mum, I was anxious about the mechanism of the folding, and if I’d struggle when out on my own. This one is as straight forward as you can get! Plus with how lightweight it is, I can do this without a single ounce of worry. It is definitely the most lightweight pram I have carried in comparison to friends prams, and fits nicely into my boot.

How would you rate the quality of the materials/fabrics on the pram and was it easy for you to clean them?

I definitely should clean the pram more than I currently do, but each time I have it’s been very easy. The material wipes down fine and even stubborn stains have been removed. The quality is great – 10/10.

Which functionality did you particularly like?

I haven’t owned any other prams but for me, the ease of switching the buggy part to forward and rear facing, without messing with add-on’s or anything extra. It is just so simple. Also, I have to mention again the light weight of the pram is the winning aspect for me.

Would you recommend this pram to other future mums?

I would indeed, and already do! The colour (the grey) and the quality of materials make this pram super stylish. The shape and style just look real premium. For first time mums worried about heavy prams, or the functionality to fold away compact when on their own, I cannot fault this.

Emma is not the only influencer who owns a Venicci pram. Similar choices were also made by:

Venicci Travel Systems – your best choice!

If you are still looking for your perfect pram, make sure you check out our range. Our Travel Systems are available online, but also through our stockists around the country.  Professional members of staff in each store will help you to choose the right model for you. 

Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will happily answer all your questions! Good luck finding your dream pram!