Pram for a newborn. What to consider when making the decision?

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Posted on September 30, 2022

Dear mum or dear dad, remember it is completely normal to feel lost in the world of prams at the beginning. There are plenty of models available on the market, therefore before we continue, we have a little exercise for you. 


Think about what is most important to you.  Identifying your own needs will help you establish which functionalities will make everyday life easier for you and your baby. 

For example, if you live on the third floor and there is no lift, you already know you will be carrying the pram up and down the stairs everyday.  On top of that, you do not have a lot of space in your house to store the pram. All of the above tell you that you should go for a lightweight pram, which you can easily fold to a compact siz

Which pram to choose? 9 important aspects to consider.

Okay, so now you kind of know what you need so the task gets a little easier. You can either place an order online or visit a local pram shop. Do not worry, if you decide to go for the second option, we are more than confident that in-store experts and members of staff will patiently answer all your questions. 

What else to consider? We prepared a list of key aspects that should be taken into account. Our suggestions focus on universal prams rather than specialised ones. 

Lightweight construction – let’s go back to the living on the third floor scenario. Imagine: you, your baby, your achy body, a shopping bag  and… a heavy pram to carry.  Sounds like a nightmare. 

Equally, think about the same situation, but your pram can be quickly folded, is lightweight and comes with a strap which allows you to carry the pram comfortably. Don’t you think this sounds a lot easier? 

Safety – your precious baby is now in your arms.  Your world turns upside down. It is obvious that safety is now your number one priority. Find out if the brand of the pram you want to buy has awards and certificates that will confirm products’ safety. 

Comfortable fold – during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester,  our spine doesn’t have it easy. It doesn’t get easier later on either: carrying your baby, bending down and lifting sounds challenging. Choosing a pram that can be quickly and easily folded using one hand will take the additional weight off you. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Good for all terrain types – if you are already dreaming about country or forest walks, you will need to think about shock absorption and wheels that are suitable for these kinds of conditions.  Will you use the pram to visit grandparents? These aspects will allow your baby to feel comfortable and avoid sudden shakes which will ensure peaceful sleep. 

Resistant for various weather conditions – even though you are always fully prepared for the walk, the weather especially in the UK may have other plans. It is important to research the fabric from which the pram of your choice is made of. If the fabric is water-repellent and has a UV filter, you will never have to worry about the weather, 

Number of different adjustments – remember your comfort is as important as your baby’s. Find out if the pram handle is adjustable so that you can use it comfortably. Even the short walks should be enjoyable, therefore your little one may appreciate the seat unit with a backrest which can be adjusted to a lay down position. 

Well thought out carrycot – think about your first days as a mum which will be very important to you as well as your baby. A pram in which the baby will be able to fall asleep while gently rocking may be very helpful here.

Also, dear mum or dad – you may find ventilation very useful during warmer days, as it will allow air flow inside the carrycot. Thick and soft mattress is also an advantage. The ones with a removable cover will allow you to keep such an important part of the pram clean. 

Accessories included in the bundle – prams available on the market often come with a number of items that are essential such as mosquito net or a rain cover. This means you do not have to worry about buying these separately, especially when the universal ones may not always fit right. As you already know, it is worth being prepared for all sorts of challenges! 

Accessories not included in the bundle – pram companies offer a number of extras to make life easier. If you are quite tall and bending down is causing you hassle, ask about carrycot height adapters. These will allow you to adjust the height of the pram so it is comfortable for you. Such a small thing but provides loads of comfort. You will feel a huuuge difference.

2in1 or 3in1 Travel System?

It is completely normal that at first you do not have a clue what 2in1 or 3in1 systems are and what they include – we are here to explain it for you! 

Remember,  there is no solution that will suit everyone, but we believe that there is one that will be perfect for you and your baby.  Okay, so what are your options? 

Expectant parents often go for the 3in1 Travel System variant. It is no surprise as this one purchase ticks many boxes off the list. First of all, the carrycot which you will use a lot during the first stage of your baby’s life. You can easily attach it to the chassis and you are ready to go!

The 3in1 Travel Systems also come with a seat unit. Once your baby can sit up on its own, you just need to replace the carrycot with this attachment.  Nice and easy. 

The last part of the 3in1 system is the car seat. If your baby fell asleep in the car, you can take the car seat out of the car and attach it to the chassis using car seat adapters, without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

Find out if you can get an isofix base for the car seat included with the 3in1 Travel System. It will allow you to install the car seat inside your car and will ensure maximum safety. You just need to remember to fit the base correctly in your car. 

In summary, the 3in1 Travel System bundle comes with a carrycot, seat unit and car seat. 

If you decide to go for the 2in1 Travel System, the  car seat will not be included. Carrycot and the seat unit will remain part of the bundle. If you want to purchase a car seat separately, remember about car seat adapters, which will allow you to attach the car seat to the chassis, you will definitely find it useful in many situations. 

Modern baby pram

We have mentioned a number of different functionalities, but what about the design? When looking for a pram, the first thing that grabs attention is the texture of the fabric, the colours as well as refined details. Very often it is the look of the pram that steals the heart of expectant parents, which is why they forget about the rest of the important pram features. 

Remember, that black pram you have found may also be available in other colour variations such as pink or beige. You just need to do some extra digging or ask a member of staff 

A good example is Venicci Tinum 2.0 Travel System. If you are a fan of classic designs, black is what you may want to go for. However, if you prefer to be slightly more extravagant, there are a number of other colours to choose from. Not bad, right?

And there is also something for those who love to shine! Venicci Tinum 2.0 comes with beautiful embellishments, which are the absolute icing on the cake of this project.

Eye-catching design is the first thing that will grab your attention, but what will make you fall in love with the pram is the number of  implemented features that will make your life easier, such as a chassis that can be folded within 2 seconds, using just one hand. You can then comfortably carry it using a strap attached therefore going up and down the stairs will never be a worry again. 

If you are dreaming of country walks, away from the city, Tinum 2.0 is ready to go with you. You will fit it in a small car boot due to its compact size, and in case of an unexpected weather, water-repellent fabric with UV50 filter will protect you from both rain and sun. 

You can start your adventure with Venicci Tinum 2.0 today by visiting one of our stockists or our website. 

Meghan Bhidey started her journey with her son some time ago by becoming an owner of one of our prams. 

How to choose the right pram? We already know the answer

After reading this article, take a moment and think about what your needs are, how and where you will be using your pram and what is important to you. This simple tip will be extremely useful when you start looking for a pram in full swing!

Start your adventure with Venicci Tinum 2.0 today. Visit one of the stockists or simply go on our website.