Car Seat Guide: Choosing the Right Seat for Your Child’s Age and Size

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Posted on April 3, 2024

For most families with young children, car trips are an everyday experience. During this time, infants should use special car seats to make the journey safer. However, this raises the question of choosing the right seat for the child's age and size.

Why do we highlight these two aspects? The reason is simple – they dictate the type of seat required and the installation method in the vehicle.


Infant car seat – buying guide

From the first days of life, babies should use a car seat when travelling in a car. In the UK, regulations clearly outline the specific type of car seat required and the correct way to fit it. For convenience, these guidelines are categorised into groups ranging from birth up to 12 years old.

However, it’s important to note that the child’s height is more important than the age, which is why we provide age as an approximate guide in the table below.

Remember that choosing the right car seats for your child is an essential part of ensuring your baby’s safety when travelling by car, so make sure you strictly follow the regulations in this particular area.

Child in car seat inside car

Car seat size – guide for parents

One of the baby must-haves is a car seat. However, it should be chosen according to the child’s height, weight or age. In practice, this means dividing the category into several groups covering the period from birth until the child reaches 135 cm or 12 years of age.


Approximate Weight

Approximate Height

Typical Age

0 (infants)

Up to 13 kg

Up to 85 cm

Birth to 15 months

1 (toddler)

9 to 18kg

85 to 105 cm

9 months to 4 years

2 (preschool children)

15 to 25 kg

100 to 125 cm

4 to 6 years

3 (school-aged children)

22 to 36 kg

125 to 135 cm

6 to 12 years

The table above is more or less indicative, and car seats in the United Kingdom are categorised according to the weight and height of the child. In addition, there are models available that cover more than one category. These seats are usually adjustable and designed to „grow” with your baby.

Child in car seat on stairs

Car seat guide UK – pay attention to the rules

The position of the seat is just as important as its type. In fact, it’s recommended that children up to the age of 15 months travel in a rear-facing seat, as this provides better head and neck protection in the event of a car accident.

Older children can use forward-facing seats, but it’s still necessary to follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure that the seat is fitted properly. It’s also important to check that the seatbelt is correctly positioned not to cause any discomfort or risk to the child.

At this point, it’s crucial to highlight the significance of correct installation. The Isofix System, recognised globally as the standard method for fitting car seats, eliminates the necessity for seat belts by using the vehicle’s built-in anchor points. However, if you do not have this system, follow the installation guidelines to prevent any mistakes that could potentially be dangerous for your child.

Child in car seat in pram

A few more tips for safer car journeys

To make our car seat buying guide even more helpful, we’re offering some valuable advice to ensure your car journeys with your child are as safe as possible. Here are our top tips!

  • Make sure that the child car seat you choose has the European Safety Standard ECE R44/04 or ECE R129 (i-Size). The i-Size norm is a newer standard that reflects the child’s size and offers better protection.
  • You can buy additional accessories, such as newborn inserts or an Isofix base, to make it easier to carry your little one, but make sure that the extras you buy are compatible with your child’s seat.
  • Before you start your car journey, it’s essential to ensure that the seat belts are correctly adjusted so your child is comfortable. Check that the fit is firm but convenient so your child can enjoy a safe and relaxing ride.
  • Test the car seat installation before you take your child out for the first time to verify everything works as it should.

Sounds complicated? Not at all! With our guide, buying a car seat should be easier. Furthermore, most modern models, like those in our online shop, are well adapted to modern standards and families’ needs, making installation and daily use easy, simple, and enjoyable.