Choosing Baby’s First Bed. Tips and Advices

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Posted on March 28, 2024

Choosing and buying a baby's first cot is one of the most important decisions a parent faces. So, what should a good cot be like? For us it should include these four fundamentals: safety, comfort, durability, and visual appeal. In our guide, we advise what to look for when buying a cot to ensure that it meets the expectations of the parents and, most importantly, the child.


Safety first

Let us start with safety because this is the most critical aspect. When furnishing a baby’s room, it is advisable to consider cot beds explicitly designed for the youngest users, as these models meet all the required safety standards.

What other things should you be aware of? For example, the distance between rungs should be minimised to avoid the risk of a child’s head being trapped. Another factor to consider is the edges – they don’t have to be rounded, but it’s wise to minimise the number of them as much as possible. Another element to consider is the high quality of workmanship, which makes it harder for paint to flake off or be damaged.

These points serve as the foundation for selecting the safest model, so it’s worth thinking about them when you’re shopping.


Celadon cot bed

Comfort and ergonomics

A child can spend several hours daily in bed, so resting comfort is crucial for correct development. It’s not just the bed that’s important, but also the mattress, which should be adapted to the child’s weight and size.

So, how do you buy a bed? Together with a mattress or separately? It really depends on many factors, mainly the available choices. In our online shop, we have four options – you can purchase just the bed frame, or you might choose the baby bed with one of the three different mattresses.

This gives parents more freedom to manage the household budget and allows them to customise the products better to match their individual needs.

Cot bed

Durability for many years

During the first few years of a child’s life, the baby grows rapidly, and the bed needs to adapt to these changes. This leads to the question: when should you move your baby from a cot to a bed? The answer is not obvious, as this is a very individual matter, but most experts recommend that a child be moved to a bed between the ages of two and three.

So, when it comes to choosing a baby bed, consider investing in a model that will serve your child for a long time. Again, we will demonstrate the products in our collection because the cots we create will grow up with your child.

The adjustable base height and high-quality workmanship ensure the bed is suitable for children up to 4 years old!

Mother with Venicci pram

Aesthetically pleasing design

We understand that aesthetics play a crucial role, which is why it’s so fundamental in our production. However, fashion is constantly evolving and the styles that are popular today may not be fashionable tomorrow. That’s why we focus on timeless classics that can withstand the test of time and trends.

Simple shapes, a minimalist style and attractive colours create a trio that will work in any home, whether modern or more traditional. Moreover, this design is easier to adapt to a child’s changing needs, providing an added benefit.

You can often buy a baby cot separately, but you can also purchase a set of furniture (bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers) to store all the nursery essentials! The second option allows you to create a visually harmonious area that’s even more stylish.


Choosing a baby bed – what to look out for? Additional tips

The four principles above will help you make a better choice when buying a cot for your baby. But what else should you look out for? There are two additional points worth mentioning.

  • Firstly, be careful if you are buying a cot from someone else. Although buying second-hand is often the cheaper option (at least at first glance), the defects of such a product may be hidden from the buyer. Moreover, the previous storage conditions of the cot are unknown, and maintaining hygiene is paramount for young children.
  • Secondly, be careful with all kinds of accessories. Although there is nothing wrong with decorating a baby’s room, too many toys or accessories in the cot can be dangerous for the little one. Give your baby the right space to be happy and thrive!

A cot is an essential piece of furniture in a baby’s nursery, yet it’s not the sole necessity. What else falls into the category of „baby must-haves”? Please take a look at our detailed article, which contains lots of helpful information.