Nursery Essentials: Everything You Need for Your Baby’s First Room

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Posted on January 15, 2024

Are you furnishing a room for your baby? Well, it turns out that a newborn needs plenty of things. In our new article, we look at how to stay away from the chaos and create a comfortable, safe and beautiful room for your little one.


A cot and mattress to ensure a good night's sleep

What would a baby’s room be without a cot? And when you’ve got a cot, you also need a good mattress. This choice directly impacts your child’s development because both are responsible for a good and safe night’s sleep.

The market offers everything from cradles and Moses baskets to cribs and baby cot beds that grow with your child. Many parents decide on the latter option because children grow very quickly in the first few years, so a cot that converts into a bed for young children will save you money on future purchases.

A few words about mattresses: it is sensible to choose a mattress that is easy to clean and of high hygienic quality (e.g. odour-neutral) to ensure good sleeping standards for your baby.


Textiles – bedding and baby clothing

Another important aspect is textiles – from baby clothes to bedding. Baby products are tempting with their colours and cute designs, but appearance should be a secondary criterion when shopping – quality is the most important thing. Remember that a child’s skin is delicate, so all materials that come into contact must be safe.

So look for textiles made from safe materials. Ideally, use natural fabrics such as organic cotton, which is gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Avoid rough fabrics and those with thick seams. Also, make sure that neither bedding nor clothing has any small parts that your baby can swallow.

One more thing – look for clothes that are easy to put on and take off, which will be a big help in your baby’s day-to-day care.


Where to store baby products?

A little one needs a lot of products every day – from the clothes mentioned above to cleaning products and toys. So where can you store them? The answer is furniture – after all, it is undoubtedly a nursery room essential.

Once again, the choices are endless, but in this article, we will focus on the most essential pieces of furniture, and nursery wardrobes and chests of drawers are certainly among them. Just as with cots, choose products that will grow with your child so that the furniture will last for several years.

Baby furniture can be chosen according to different needs, but a good option is a set with visual consistency. Such sets usually include a nursery chest of drawers, a cot and, in the extended version, a wardrobe.


Feeding and daily care

The next topic is feeding and daily care. And although this phrase is usually associated with baby care products, equipment also plays an important role: the bathtub, the feeding chair, the breast pump, the bottles and so on. Despite popular belief, the list is quite long; fortunately, thanks to the previous paragraph, you already know where to store these products.

Unfortunately, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying unnecessary products, so our other article may be helpful: „Checklist of Baby Essentials: Your Guide to Baby Must-Haves” in which we have listed the baby nursery essentials. It tells you, for example, which products are essential and which are optional, and how many of each to buy. We warmly welcome you to read it.


Create a cosy and safe atmosphere

Finally, safety issues are the last to be discussed, although they are just as important as any of the previous paragraphs. However, these matters are best dealt with in an already-furnished room. Keeping your child away from sharp edges, covering electrical sockets, providing window protection, and choosing safe toys and equipment are all essential to creating a safe space for your little one. Of course, extending these safety steps outside the baby’s room is a good idea, especially when it comes to covering edges, windows and electrical sockets.

The icing on the cake is decoration. A cosy room is created by lighting (preferably a main light and spotlights) and accessories: photographs of the family and the child, toys or wall stickers. What is important here is that well-chosen decorations create a pleasant atmosphere and support a child’s healthy development by stimulating imagination.

We hope our nursery essentials list article will help you create a beautiful bedroom to become a little kingdom for your baby.