Travelling with an Infant: Smart Tips for Trip with a Baby

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Posted on May 12, 2024

Travelling with your baby is an experience that brings your family closer together, an opportunity to discover the beauty of the world and a chance to learn more. However, there is a flip side, too – the logistical challenge for long-distance travel or even for local trips.

That’s why preparation is so necessary, and in this article, we’ll give you some tested tips to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.


How to Travel with an Infant? Step One – Planning

A good plan is essential in every aspect of life, and travelling with a baby is no different. But what should such a plan include? We suggest an approach that goes from the big picture to the details without getting too bogged down.

In practice this can look like this:

  1. Choice of travel destination.
  2. Choice of means of transport (e.g. plane, car, train).
  3. Booking accommodation with appropriate infant facilities, such as a baby cot or high chair.
  4. Planning itineraries and travel times, including feeding, changing and napping time.
  5. Make a list of essentials to take with you, such as baby food, nappies, wipes, toys, changing clothes and all hygiene products.
  6. Prepare travel documents for all family members, including any border crossing permits or vaccinations required for the destination.
  7. Check addresses of local health centres and/or pharmacies.

With a well-prepared plan, you will be ready for anything. However, leaving some extra time for unexpected events is important when planning a tour or leisure trip. This will ensure that you won’t be rushed and that your travel experience will be even more enjoyable.

Important note: when deciding on the mode of transport to use, it’s essential to consider specific requirements. For air travel, you can explore more details in our article on how to travel on a plane with an infant. You can also check our comprehensive car seat guide for more information on car travel.

What Do You Need to Travel with an Infant? Step Two – Packing

When preparing for a trip, it’s important to think carefully about your packing strategy. As mentioned above, it’s highly recommended that you make a detailed list of all the essential items you must take. A list will ensure you remember everything you need and streamline the packing and unpacking process, making your travel much more efficient and organised.

And what should be on that list? Again, the principle of „from the big picture to the detail” will be a great one!

  • Baby pram – choose a lightweight, easy-to-fold model with an adjustable backrest, easy transport, and comfortable for your child. Make sure the pram is air transportable. You can find the general rules for taking prams on board in our other article.
  • Car seat – essential product for car journeys and can also be used as a baby carrier. It should be suitable for the child’s weight and size, approved for safety, and preferably ISOFIX compatible.
  • Footmuff – it’s the ideal choice for walking on colder days or as an extra layer of protection in the evening or morning.
  • Rain cover – the weather can change at any moment, so having the proper protection with you is worth it, especially as a rain cover doesn’t take up much space and can save your trip.
  • Mosquito net – mosquito and other insect bites can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for a baby, so using an anti-insect net is the perfect solution.

Remember to supplement this list with children’s clothing, snacks, daily care products, and toys, based on the specific location and duration of the trip. Also, don’t forget to pack spare clothes – just in case.


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How to Make Travelling with an Infant Easier? Step Three – Our Tips

For dessert, we’ve left you with a few tips to make holidays with an infant even more enjoyable. The important thing to remember is that these tips are versatile enough to work in any situation – whether you’re visiting the grandparents or on a longer trip.

Tricks and tips to make travelling with a baby better:

  • Take your child’s favourite toys, books, or a tablet with stories. This will help keep them occupied during the longer parts of the journey.
  • When travelling, it’s best to dress your infant in layers so that they can quickly adapt to changing temperatures.
  • Young children can feel lost and frightened in new surroundings. Bring something that will make your baby feel safer, such as a favourite toy or blanket.
  • Give your child time to settle into a new place, such as a hotel baby cot, to make them feel safer and more comfortable in different surroundings.
  • Don’t be upset because toddlers are following their parents’ mood. Instead, enjoy the new experience with your little one!

Travelling with a baby by car or plane can be an enjoyable and educational experience if appropriately planned. The key is to be flexible and adaptable to the child’s needs so that the baby can spend time in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. Preparation and the right accessories are essential to making any trip safe and comfortable for both the child and the parent.