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Preparing for your new arrival with Venicci

Getting ready to welcome a baby into the world is always a big challenge – whether you’re expecting your first or another child. There are so many things to think about, and time can seem to fly by so quickly. We want to make it easier for you, so our online shop offers prams/pushchairs and pushchair accessories.

This way, you never forget the essential accessories that you need in a daily routine. Moreover, you’ll be able to create a stylish look for your pram, as our accessories are designed to match all pushchairs in our collection.

So we would like to welcome you to our online shop!

What kind of pram accessories do we have?

Our range of accessories for prams and pushchairs is constantly growing, to ensure parents can find everything that will make their day to day with their babies easier and more enjoyable. So what can you find here?

  • Footmuffs.
  • Bags.
  • Shopping baskets.
  • Winter gloves.
  • Parasols.
  • Car Seat Adapters.
  • Carrycot Height Adjusters.
  • Cup Holders.
  • Changing mats.
  • Raincovers.

As you can see, these are both accessories that will increase your child’s comfort on a daily level and allow their parents to enjoy their walks to the maximum. What’s more, the wide choice of colours and designs means you can customise the product to suit your personal taste. After all, elegance and functionality go hand in hand, and our range is a perfect example of that.

Why choose pram accessories for newborns?

Our pushchair collection is extensive, but at the same time, it is tailor-made to meet various needs, and these can vary from one family to another. When buying a pram you can choose one of the three available options (e.g. 2in1 ,3in1 or 3in1 + Base), however it is still worth purchasing certain accessories separately as some may not be included in the pram set.

We know from experience what parents are looking for, and we want to give it to them. Footmuffs and rain covers are especially useful  during  colder months while parasols are perfect during  summer. The handy bag is perfect for carrying wipes, snacks and other essentials while changing mats are a must-have for every parent when out and about.

Have a look at our selection of pram accessories and complete your pram set with us! Shop your perfect accessory now!



Which pushchair accessories to choose?

Different families have different needs, but you’ll find all essential accessories in our collection.

Do the accessories fit all our pushchairs?

Some accessories, such as parasols or changing mats, are universal, while others are designed for a specific pram in our collections. This is indicated by the name of the product (e.g. Venicci Footmuff – Upline Misty Rose fits the Upline line). This customisation allows you to maintain the style while ensuring full product compatibility.

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