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Every parent wants to show their child the world and discover its joys together – from the very first moments. But to make this journey enjoyable, safe and comfortable, you must be prepared. Our prams and pushchair strollers are just what you need.

Of course, we know that various families have various needs, so we have created a wide range of products to suit different requirements. So there is something for those who want to be more active and take their child on more challenging routes and for families who prefer a walk in the park or a relaxed stroll in the city. There is also nothing to stop you from finding a compromise between one way of life and the other – especially with our collection of pushchairs.

Whatever you’re looking for, we have pushchairs which will allow you and your child to enjoy strolling comfortably.

Which pushchair to choose for a newborn?

Newborn babies have completely different needs from toddlers, so everyday equipment must suit their requirements and abilities. This is important for everyday comfort and your baby’s healthy development. On the other hand, the first few years of a child’s life are a time of rapid change and growth, and equipment needs to be adapted accordingly.

For example, a newborn requires a pram for lying down, while an older child can travel sitting up. Does this mean you have to change the newborn pushchair after a year or so? Not necessarily, because our models are designed to grow with your child!

In the early months, you can use a carrycot to keep your baby comfortable, while later, you can choose a practical and convenient seat unit. This way, you can use our pushchairs from your baby’s first days until they are strong enough to sit up independently.

The luxury pushchairs – all in one

Our brand wanted to create products that would meet the expectations of all tastes. This challenging task combined many elements to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

That is why our modern pushchairs are both unique and functional. They are characterised by their elegant design and considerable features, such as:

  • shopping basket insert,
  • mosquito net,
  • raincover,
  • car seat,
  • footmuff,
  • changing mat and changing bag.

And many, many others. Of course, the number of extra accessories depends on the model or option chosen (e.g. 3in1, 2in1), but we aimed to make every single pushchair comfortable and of high quality for everyday use. After all, it is one of the most essential products in a child’s life!

Pushchairs for short and long journeys

We know from our experience that modern pushchairs need to offer certain flexibility for travel – whether it’s a trip to the grandparents’ out of town, a short weekend break or a trip abroad. The pushchair needs to be able to handle the challenges of such journeys.

What are these challenges? First and foremost, ease of use – both when walking and packing (e.g. folding the pushchair) – and compactness. We have ensured that our pushchairs are easy to fold and unfold and take up very little space when fully folded.

Another advantage is that you can adapt the pushchair to more specific situations (e.g. to protect the child from the rain as well as sun) by simply attaching additional components (e.g. sun parasol or rain cover).

All of this makes even the most challenging of journeys a lot easier.



What is the maximum weight limit of each pushchair?

Our product descriptions specify the child’s weight up to which the pushchair can be used. For example, the carrycot is suitable for approx. 9 kg (+/- 6 months) and the seat unit for approx. 22 kg (+/- 4 years). This means you can use our pushchairs from the first days of your child’s life until they start walking independently.

What are the differences between the various pushchair options?

All our pushchairs are available as 3 different bundles: 3in1+ Base, 3in1 and 2in1.You can find out more about what’s included in the description of the model you have chosen.

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